Chase Fitness or Commit to Fitness

You might actually find fitness!

Challenges are fun.

Challenges can get you going.

Consistency and commitment will get you across the finish line!

More importantly, they are the keys to STAYING THERE!

There is no element of a fitness, nutrition or health and wellness plan that is more important than consistency.

Nothing will lead you to a lifetime of fitness success more than consistency, either.

When the occasional big wave crashes on the shore, it makes a big, noisy splash. But then, it’s gone without much lasting impact.

But a river moving consistently over rock will cut through that rock, leaving a permanent ravine that may well grow into a canyon.

Don’t be the big, noisy wave. Be the consistent river flowing over and through the rock.

Find the fitness and nutrition habits that you can live with and adhere to over the long term.

You’ll find more success and your physique and your health – and most likely your friends, family and loved ones – will thank you for it!

Just my two cents.

Feel free to prove me wrong in the comments.

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