Delicious, Protein-packed Shake Treats For Fall!

Today, I’m bringing you 2 fall treats!

Unlike all that Halloween candy floating around out there, these treats are actually good for you!

Wouldn’t it be great if something that tasted awesome actually helped build muscle and burn fat?

Later this week, I’ll be writing about protein shakes and how they can do both of those things.

I can remember a time when the thought of drinking a protein shake conjured up all the excitement of eating spackle or concrete dust.

Not anymore, however. And these two delicious treats are proof of the awesome evolution of the protein shake from nasty-tasting to taste-bud-pleasing!

Here they are! Just click on the pictures to get the full recipes! First up is the Harvest Shake!

Applesauce, vanilla protein powder, cinnamon and almonds are among
the ingredients that make the Harvest Shake so deliciously awesome!

Next up is the Fall Pumpkin Apple Pie Shake! So good!

Pureed pumpkin and other delicious ingredients make the Fall Pumpkin Apple Pie Shake a sweet fall treat that’s a metabolism booster, too!

Muscle-building, metabolism-boosting, fat-burning secret weapons in the battle to gain – and maintain – a great physique!

The fact that they’re super-delicious is like the “icing on the cake.” (If that icing was protein-packed and good for you, of course! 😉

When you try them, please let me know how you like them!

Keep the faith and keep after it!

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