Coffee, Ritual and Wisdom

Sometimes, deep thoughts, philosophy and real-life wisdom come from the most mundane, everyday sources.

For example, my morning coffee taught me something today.

I realized that I’ve been drinking my morning brew from the same cup for over 15 years.

Every morning that I’ve been home for morning coffee, it’s been in this mug.

Two steaming, delicious cups of Starbucks dark roast with heavy cream.

Every morning, like the proverbial clockwork.

In fact, if my alarm goes off before the crack of dawn and I don’t smell that fresh-roasted coffee aroma wafting through the house, it’s like there’s something missing.

It’s an every day ritual. Same coffee, same cup.

In a world where things change in an instant, that kind of relative constancy is pretty rare.

In a world that seems to reject tradition, wisdom and the comfort of ritual in favor of the belief of the moment, it seems nearly heretical.

But that’s me, coffee cup heretic!


Maybe if more of us would allow ourselves time to appreciate ritual, tradition and the wisdom and perspective they offer, we would take a more enlightened and judicious approach to crafting our future.

If we allow ourselves to be present to our rituals and what they teach us, we’re very likely to be able to appreciate the lessons being taught to us through the numerous new experiences we have every day.

That wisdom and perspective are likely to help us build a better, more secure and happier future for everyone, not just the powerful few, the “influencers” and the fortunate.

We will, after all, have to live together in that future. All of us.

My prayer today is that you enjoy your morning ritual – whatever it is – and that it brings you joy, peace and a thoughtful heart, mind and soul.


Keep the faith and keep after it!

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