Crossfit-tied Meal Delivery Service Kettlebell Kitchens Closes

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Author: Polly Mosendz

Only a year after raising nearly $27 million, Kettlebell Kitchen has closed.

The meal delivery service catered to the health conscious, starting in New York City and expanding nationally in 2017. The company also offered meal pickups at some CrossFit-affiliated gyms in New York, associating itself with the fitness brand’s athletes. Kari Pearce, a CrossFit Games Athlete who also held the title for “Fittest American Woman,” endorsed the brand. CrossFit competitor Michelle Kwak was featured as one of the company’s “Champions.”

North Castle Partners, a private equity firm based in Greenwich, Connecticut, invested $26.7 million in Kettlebell Kitchen in October of 2018. North Castle has worked with a slew of wellness brands, including Equinox Fitness, Curves International and Naked Juice Company.

In an email to its customers, Kettlebell didn’t say why it was closing and referred its users to Territory, a comparable service. Neither the company nor North Castle Parters responded to requests for comment.

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