Ducks, Rows And Drunk Squirrels

Have you ever felt like this?

Of course you have!

Every one of us has had moments, days, even lifetimes that feel this way.

Life in our modern, high-speed, hyper-connected, 24/7 world can shake your foundations, bust your rows and scatter your proverbial ducks.

It can leave you feeling like your nice, organized ducks have been replaced by an army of drunken squirrels or ferrets with a penchant for anarchy.

In some of those moments, it can feel like you’ll never have a shot at getting back to anything resembling “normal.”

In those hectic, insane and often frightening times, embrace the feeling and look for moments of peace and clarity.

Because no matter how drunk and crazy your squirrels may be, those moments are there to be found.

When you find those moments, feed them and grow them.

Hold on to them and you’ll see your squirrels sober up and become more manageable and maybe even fun!

You’ll realize that the difficult, trying and even the painful times have a purpose.

You’ll realize they exist to magnify the times when things are going well.

If you open up to the lessons that exist in walking the line between the chaos and order, you will learn what it truly means to BE, to exist experientially in an ever-changing world.

Who knows? You might even find your ducks and get them in a row!

Keep the faith and keep after it!

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