Exercise Progression and Athlete Mastery

Strength and conditioning coaches and fitness trainers love to talk about progressions. Let’s face it, there are numerous progressions for just about any exercise or activity you can think of.

What’s the next progression for the exercises you’re currently using or doing?

Are your progressions practical and context-specific or are they progressions for the sake of progressing?

There’s nothing really wrong with progressing an activity just to make it more challenging. Challenging athletes, clients and even yourself in new ways keeps exercise effective and often more fun.

Those progressions will have more impact, though, if they improve something your athlete or client does in their life or sport. Progressions should make an exercise MORE context-specific (not sport-specific,) otherwise it might be harder for it’s own sake.

If you help your athlete understand how activities and their progressions translate to sports and life, you’ll also get better “buy-in,” more enthusiasm and more effort from them. When your athletes and clients are willing to work harder and commit more mental, physical and even emotional resources to improving performance, amazing things happen!

All of that adds up to better mastery…and better athletes!

Keep the faith and keep after it!

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