Podcast: 11 Fitness and Health Game Changers For the New Year!

Ah, the holiday season. The food, the drink, the cheer.

And then the sudden realization that the new year is about to begin and you don’t have any awesome plans or resolutions for next year!

Can I share a little reality with you? Resolutions suck!

So few people actually stick to them that they should be outlawed. Okay, maybe not outlawed, but you get my point.

Do you know what DOES work?

Habit change!

Real, sustainable changes to fitness and health habits lead to real, lasting results you can be proud of!

In this episode, I offer 11 “game changers” for developing rock solid fitness and health habits and crushing the goals they support!

Give a listen and find out:

> Why understanding how you’re “wired” mentally and emotionally can give you a huge advantage!

> Why planning really is key to success!

> Why “being” leads to “doing” – and why it matters!

> Why you should indulge a little before the new year – in the things that count!

> Why having a partner, writing stuff down and challenging yourself may all be keys to success!

I hope you’ll check it out and share your thoughts with me!

Keep the faith and keep after it!

Here’s the link: 11 Fitness and Health Game Changers For The Nepw Year!

PS…the episode isn’t actually new. I’m sharing it because of the time of year and because I recently received an email from someone telling me that it helped them.

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