The Escape Game For Speed, Agility and Quickness For Athletes

This game is called the “Escape Game” or “Gate Game.” It’s been part of my training repertoire since before All-Star opened our doors in March, 2008.

This is an absolute favorite among athletes and across all age groups. Athletes from every sport and even a lot of “non-athletes” love to play.

So simple to set up. So simple to explain. So multi-faceted in the athletic skill development it delivers.

Two cones for each “gate.” Gates about 2-3 feet wide, 5 to 8 yards apart. The distance should be shorter for younger athletes, longer for older athletes.

On the coach’s signal, the player on “offense” moves side-to-side, trying to get enough separation from the “defender” to get out one of the gates without being tagged.

The player on offense can shuffle, run, cross-run, backpedal or anything else they choose.

If any part of the offensive players body is still in the gate when they get tagged, they’re out and the defender wins.

If the offensive player gets completely out of the gate before being tagged, they’re “safe” and they win.

Neither player can cross the line between gates.

This video shows a timed version. It’s one on one, with 2 gates.

The game can be played in teams of 2 or 3, with a second set of gates “downfield” by 3 to 6 yards.

Whatever version is played delivers in lots of ways.

First step quickness, deceleration and direction change, tracking and spatial matching, targeting and even some conditioning are all on the menu.

If you train athletes, give this a try. You’re going to like what it does for your athletes – and for the quality of your sessions!

PS…adults like it, too!

Keep the faith and keep after it!

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