Coronavirus Shutdown At Home Workout (Video)

Many Americans and others around the world are at home, unable to work or do the normal, everyday things they’ve always done. That includes going to the gym to work on their fitness. Here’s a workout you can do right at home with minimal or no equipment.

There are 2 videos. The first is a general fitness warm-up focused on getting your heart rate up and improving mobility in the hips, ankles and thoracic spine. It will also get your core ready for more and more challenging work.

The second begins with some self-myofascial release. This can be done either before or after the warm-up. That’s up to you.

The remainder of the second video has a core segment, 2 strength segments and a metabolic conditioning finisher. The entire workout should take you no longer than about 45 minutes to complete.

The cinematic quality may not be Hollywood-worthy, but this is a legit workout to help you stay healthy and fit during this crazy, stressful time.

Here’s the warm-up video. I’m narrating while Coach Jeff Scheck, one of our coaches here at All-Star Sports Academy, does a great job demonstrating technique.

Here’s the way it breaks down:
Up to 5 minutes total work time
Jumping Jacks (any variation) X 20-30
Mountain Climbers X 20-30
Butt Kickers X 20
Spiderman Rotation X 10 (5 each direction)
Iron Cross X 10 (5 each direction)
Superman X 10 (Superman Rolls are optional)

This next video was live streamed. You can tell that we were having some fun with this one, and I hope you do, too.

Here’s how the workout breaks down:
Self-myofascial release (Up to 1 minute per exercise)
Iliotibial Band (ITB)
Quads/Hip Flexors

3 rounds
Quadriped Arm Reach X 8/8
Side Lunge X 8/8
Hip Touches X 6/6

Strength Part 1:
4 rounds
Bi-lateral Squat (2 leg squat, with or without DB’s or other load.) X 12
Staggered Hands Push-up X 6/6
Alternating Reverse Lunge X 12-16 (with or without DB’s or other load.)

Strength Part 2:
60 reps total for each exercise, broken down any way you choose.
DB Racked Squat
Plank to Push-up

Metabolic Conditioning
Rep Pyramid
10 reps – 20 reps – 30 reps – 40 reps – 40 reps – 30 reps – 20 reps – 10 reps
Do individually or circuit style, depending on fitness level
Jump Rope or Line Hops
Mountain Climbers – R/L = 1 rep
High Knees – R/L = 1 rep

The video shows basic form for each exercise as well as some variations, where appropriate. See if you can pick out where we realized we made a mistake and forgot to cover the warm-up!

I hope this helps you “get your fit on” while dodging the COVID-19 coronavirus!

Keep the faith and keep after it!

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