Dream Big, Stir the Soul

Dream big dreams! Make plans as if you know God is already on your side (He is!) Big dreams, big goals “stir the blood.” Big dreams lead to large-scale action. Big dreams and big actions are why you were put here by the Creator! Step into His vision for you! Dream big, act big and… Continue reading Dream Big, Stir the Soul


The Factors That Predict Success

Grit. Is it really that “intangible” quality that you’re either born with or stuck without? Analysis of data from over 11,000 West Point cadets strengthens earlier theories regarding the nature of grit, but also point to other attributes that are key to long-term success and achievement. When you’re Angela Duckworth, you get asked about what… Continue reading The Factors That Predict Success

Should You Use Protein Shakes In Your Diet?

Protein shakes. Once upon a time, they were the “secret weapon” of serious bodybuilders, weight lifters and physique enthusiasts. If you drank them, it was like you were a part of some secret society. Maybe the League of Extraordinary Gainers, or something like that. Then, little by little, the “secret” got out. Whispers about the… Continue reading Should You Use Protein Shakes In Your Diet?

Do Youth Contact Sports Lead to Cognitive and Mental Health Problems?

Football has taken a beating in recent years. Scandals, questions and deep-seated fears revolve around concussions and CTE, mental health and cognitive disorders that are believed to occur as a result of those concussions. By extension other youth contact sports, including ice hockey, lacrosse, field hockey and even soccer have come under fire for the… Continue reading Do Youth Contact Sports Lead to Cognitive and Mental Health Problems?

Success Skills Everyone Can Use Right Now

For athletes trying to master their position and dominate opponents. For students who want to crush their grades and make the most of their educational opportunities. Here’s a list of unbeatable success skills you ALREADY POSSESS! For all of us who just want to get better, get ahead, do the right thing and win at… Continue reading Success Skills Everyone Can Use Right Now

Another Reason To Start!

If you know me well, you know this has been the most challenging year of my entire life. Physically, emotionally, intellectually and spiritually. All 4 pillars of my fitness and health have been under fire. To be honest, it’s nearly broken me more than once. But each time I get frozen by fear, paralyzed by… Continue reading Another Reason To Start!

A Workout To Embrace Challenges!

Needed a good workout today and these toys were a big help. More on that in a bit. Challenging week in the intellectual, emotional and spiritual areas of my life. My fitness in those three pillars has been put to the test this entire year. This week, it feels like I’ve regained some of my… Continue reading A Workout To Embrace Challenges!

Coffee, Ritual and Wisdom

Sometimes, deep thoughts, philosophy and real-life wisdom come from the most mundane, everyday sources. For example, my morning coffee taught me something today. I realized that I’ve been drinking my morning brew from the same cup for over 15 years. Every morning that I’ve been home for morning coffee, it’s been in this mug. Two… Continue reading Coffee, Ritual and Wisdom

Podcast: Know Stuff – The Gastrocnemius

This episode is a fresh edition of “Know Stuff,” the series that brings you the stuff you need to know about health, fitness, nutrition and performance topics in a way that you might actually enjoy! In this episode, we’re talking about the gastrocnemius. This muscle is often overlooked until it becomes a pain! Find out… Continue reading Podcast: Know Stuff – The Gastrocnemius

Walk Boldly In Faith!

Walk boldly in faith! When your vision for your life is in line with God’s word and His ways, you cannot fail! He will place the people, resources and opportunities in your path to help ensure your victory! Serve others with joy! Believe in yourself and your goals and dreams! Keep faith with God’s plan!… Continue reading Walk Boldly In Faith!