Poor Sleep Quality And Teenage Depression

Adolescents and teenagers often have poor sleep habits. This results in both inadequate amounts of sleep and sleep that is poor quality. Sleep issues can affect their physical growth, as proven in repeated studies. But it also impacts depression and other aspects of mental health.


COVID-19 Coronavirus Causing Unprecedented Mental And Emotional Trauma Worldwide

COVID-19 coronavirus infections and deaths worldwide have left serious and lasting damage in their wake. But one aspect of that damage may far outlast the pandemic. Millions around the globe are suffering debilitating psychological disorders that may last for many years to come.

Stanford Study Says Travel Bans Have Contained The Spread Of COVID-19 Coronavirus

Worldwide, travel bans have been implemented to try and stem the tide of COVID-19 coronavirus. Here in the US, Democrat lawmakers heaped scorn on President Trump for his travel bans, calling them racist and xenophobic. Now, a Stanford University study says they have saved millions from infection and death.

Hospitals Get Paid More For COVID-19 Coronavirus Patients: Fact Check

Fox News and some other news outlets have been criticized and accused of misleading the public recently. They reported that US hospitals get paid more for Medicare patients listed as COVID-19 patients and three times as much for virus patients on a ventilator. Is it true?

Fauci Funneled Millions Of US Dollars To Wuhan Lab For Coronavirus Research

Many now believe the source of the Chinese coronavirus which causes COVID-19 is the Wuhan Virology Lab. Was its escape purposeful or accidental? We don’t know yet. But there is new and disturbing news about Dr. Anthony Fauci, NIAID chief and WH Coronavirus Task Force Member, and that lab.

A Model For Measuring Impact Of Social Distancing On COVID-19 In States As They Reopen

Some US states are planning to reopen their economies after 6 or more weeks of being shut down. Some fear COVID-19 will return if this happens. A new online model may help them predict how social distancing will impact the spread of the virus during reopening.

Source For COVID-19 Coronavirus Revealed By Genetic Tracing ‘Barcode’

Part of the challenge of the COVID-19 coronavirus has been the difficulty in locating the origins of each genetic variation, or strain, of the virus. Without understanding which strains are active, it’s harder to know for sure if the worst has passed and how best to combat the virus.