One Way To Slow An Epidemic

The COVID-19 Coronavirus is making news right now. The outbreak is spreading and is being felt physically, socially and financially across the globe. Authorities are working feverishly to stop the spread. But is one of the most fundamental disease prevention habits the real key to stopping the outbreak?


A Short Guide to Higher Heart Disease Risk For Women

Ask just about any woman if she’d like a higher risk of heart disease and you can predict the answer. Of course not, who would? Quite a few women, if their behavior is any indication. Here is a very short guide to getting a sicker heart for women.

A Formula For Making Fat Preschoolers

Obesity – especially childhood obesity – is a hot topic in America. For many parents, it is a horrifying specter haunting their children as they grow. While many dietary plans may help them grow healthy, lean and strong, there’s one surefire way to make sure they become obese.

Ten Thousand Steps A Day And You're Still Fat

10,000 steps a day has been the “gold standard” daily step target for people seeking weight loss for years. Everyone from the “Biggest Loser” screamers to your doctor and even your FitBit have told you to get your “10K a day” in. But lots of “10k-ers” are still fat. Maybe there’s more to this… Wouldn’t… Continue reading Ten Thousand Steps A Day And You're Still Fat

High-tempo Music And Exercise

Music holds a near-sacred place in the fitness world. Many exercisers swear that their music makes the difference in whether they finish a workout and the effectiveness of that workout. Some exercise programs are even built around specific types of music or rhythm structures. But does music really have benefits to exercisers?