My Favorite Products!

On this page, I’m sharing some of my favorite products for everything from reading, learning and growth to health, fitness and performance and even just some fun or silly stuff (like throwing a kid’s birthday party!)

This page is, of course, a work in progress. Click on any picture to get more info or to order some for yourself!

Health, Fitness and Performance

Nordic Naturals Borage Oil/GLA

Looking for something to help with brain health AND a boost to the metabolism? Try Nordic Naturals Borage Oil!
JayLab Pro Protein Powder

The best protein powder available! Great taste and high quality!

The best, most effective weight loss aid available!
JayLab Pro’s Mind Matrix can help you stay sharp!

SKLZ Hurdles adjust to 6″. 9″ and 12″

Resistance Training Bands from the “Band Man!” Only buy the best!

28mm Wood Olympic Gymnastic Rings 1.5 inches
with Heavy Duty Thick Straps and Buckle

TRX PRO3 Suspension Trainer System Design
& Durability with 3 Anchor Solutions

Perfect for Kids Parties (and other stuff!)

Some of these products may seem out of place on a website about health, wellness, fitness and performance. While that may be true, this site also serves other fitness professionals and fitness facility owners. In our facility, we throw (really awesome!) birthday parties for kids. Many facility owners ask me how we do it, and I tell them. These products are some of those that we use to make those parties great.

Amscan Party Goods Paper Goods Balloons Costumes and Everything You Need to Make Your Party Perfect

Frito Lay Potato Chip Variety Pack

Because if you’re having a party, chips are good, mmkay?
Frito Lay Doritos Nacho Cheese 1 oz. (40 pack)

Kids love Doritos!
Even big kids!

Veggie Straws Variety Pack (36 count)

Because sometimes you want a healthier crunch!

Gym, Training Facility & Studio Supplies

Gatorade Zero Variety Pack (20 oz., 24/case)
Zero sugar version of an old standby!

Organize Your Work Space!

File pockets that hang on the wall, hang over doors or stand on the desk!
Manila File Folders – you KNOW you need them!

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