Play Golf And Live Longer

Golf is a sport which seemingly can be played by any relatively healthy person. Is it possible it might also be the way for older people to maintain good health – or even improve it late in life?


High-tempo Music And Exercise

Music holds a near-sacred place in the fitness world. Many exercisers swear that their music makes the difference in whether they finish a workout and the effectiveness of that workout. Some exercise programs are even built around specific types of music or rhythm structures. But does music really have benefits to exercisers?

New Allies In The Treatment Of Depression

Depression was first recognized in Mesopotamia in the 2nd millennium B.C. It seems as if it has been variably misdiagnosed ill-recognized ever since. Even in the modern era, treatment is often hit-and-miss. However, depression patients may be gaining some powerful new allies in the quest to understand and quiet this often disabling disorder.

Aerobic Exercise Linked To Enhanced Brain Function

Cardiorespiratory exercise has many benefits. Those benefits extend to the brain as well as the heart and metabolism. A new study published in a special edition of the journal Brain Plasticity details some specific ways in which these “brain benefits” work and how they might especially help those at risk for neurodegenerative disorders like Alzheimer’s Disease.

How To Defend Against Overeating

When it comes to weight loss diets and exercise, science seems confused. Should you exercise when trying to lose weight on a reduced-calorie diet? How intensely? Skip the exercise entirely? Should you focus on output (how many calories you burn) instead of restricting calories? Should you bag the whole idea and go get a pizza?… Continue reading How To Defend Against Overeating