Weight Loss, Blood Flow and Low-carb Diets

Personal note: As a user of low-carb and ketogenic nutrition plans and diets, I’ve always found them beneficial for weight loss, fat loss, brain, skin and joint health and for energy levels overall. This study highlights something not predicted, especially for women. Source: University of Missouri – Columbia According to the Centers for Disease Control… Continue reading Weight Loss, Blood Flow and Low-carb Diets


Dementia in retired NFL and NHL players

New University at Buffalo research is adding important information to the body of knowledge about the cognitive and behavioral status of a group of retired professional athletes who spent their careers in contact sports. The study findings, from UB’s Healthy Aging Mind Project, were published today online before print in the Journal of Head Trauma… Continue reading Dementia in retired NFL and NHL players

Your Vision, Your Brain and Exercise

Pretty interesting piece about a study at the University of California at Santa Barbara. Researchers found evidence of improved vision during exercise. The human brain is fascinating and just barely understood. It’s universally accepted that the benefits of exercise go well beyond fitness, from reducing the risk of disease to improving sleep and enhancing mood.… Continue reading Your Vision, Your Brain and Exercise

Your Gut Bacteria and Weight Loss

This study was small, but may provide some interesting insight into how our gut bacteria impact our ability to lose weight. Source: Mayo Clinic A preliminary study published in the August issue of Mayo Clinic Proceedings suggests that, for some people, specific activities of gut bacteria may be responsible for their inability to lose weight,… Continue reading Your Gut Bacteria and Weight Loss

Brown Adipose Tissue and Metabolism

Source: Science Daily New light shed on relationship between calorie-burning fat and muscle function Researchers open the door to potential new therapies for certain metabolic and muscular diseases Abundant in human babies and small mammals, brown adipose tissue (BAT), or brown fat, was only recently discovered in human adults, and its role remains unclear. Known… Continue reading Brown Adipose Tissue and Metabolism

Warrior, Monk, Wizard

Prefer a podcast version of this message? Here you go: Warrior, Monk, Wizard on Four Pillar Fitness Podcast This is a personal transparency alert… I’ve been lying to the world for at least a week, maybe a little more. Wearing that “all good” mask and letting everyone around me think I had my crap together… Continue reading Warrior, Monk, Wizard

It All Starts In The Brain

Muscles are great. Muscle systems are awesome! Without the brain & CNS, they’re nothing but useless sacks of protein. Muscles are like power tools. Good ones look cool, but they’re useless unless you plug them in or power them up! The elegance, power & complexity of athletic movement are rooted in the brain. Each of… Continue reading It All Starts In The Brain

Surfing, Fitness, Culture, Spirit

My wife, MaryJo and I are here in Orlando for the last night of a 5 day trip. We came down to attend the wedding of a very good friend. The wedding was wonderful and our friend and his beautiful new bride are now enjoying themselves in Italy! We took advantage of our time here… Continue reading Surfing, Fitness, Culture, Spirit

7 Habits of Highly Effective Chipmunks

My wife and I live in a townhouse community in a “sub-suburban” area of New Jersey. Behind our home is a gently sloping, semi-wooded area with mature, fairly good sized oak, elm and other deciduous trees, along with a variety of pine, cedar and other coniferous trees and shrubs. It’s a very nice spot, with… Continue reading 7 Habits of Highly Effective Chipmunks