Keep the Faith!

Whatever dreams, desires and passions God has put in your heart are there because He has a bigger plan for you and your life! Don’t lose heart! Keep the faith and put on His full armor! Believe big! God doesn’t make small plans and neither should we! So when things get challenging, remember not only… Continue reading Keep the Faith!

You Matter…Act Like It!

Remember that you matter! To someone. You weren’t an accident. You weren’t a mistake of chemistry and circumstance. You are a creation of the most powerful force in the universe. A purposeful creation of the very mind, heart and soul that created the universe and all it’s harmonious perfection! YOU are a child of the… Continue reading You Matter…Act Like It!

Mandatory Minutes

Dropping some “Mandatory Minutes” today at Activeight 3.0 at the Activlab in Phoenix! We dug deep. We got vulnerable. And, oh yeah, we went there…all the way there! And some really great stuff came out of it! So proud to be associated with these great people, and thrilled to work with them to change the… Continue reading Mandatory Minutes