Tryptophan and the REAL Reason Your Uncle Falls Asleep Every Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving in the United States is 2 days away. On this day each year, we gather together with loved ones and other people we can’t stand to give thanks for the fact that the Pilgrims built the first casino on Plymouth Rock and gave it to the Indians.

Camu Camu: The Next Weight Loss “Miracle” Fad

Have you heard of Myciaria dubia yet? Well, that’s the formal name for the adorable little Amazonian berry. You might be more familiar with it as camu camu, or maybe even cacari. It’s a berry that grows in trees on the riverbanks of South American countries, most notably Peru and Brazil. The trees, in the… Continue reading Camu Camu: The Next Weight Loss “Miracle” Fad

Carbs, Exercise and Your Aching Joints

Got achy joints? Do you creak and crack getting out of bed in the morning or even just out of the chair at work? I’ve been a sufferer of joint pain for quite a few years. It sucks. Some days, I feel like my body is made of glass. Everything hurts. But I know what… Continue reading Carbs, Exercise and Your Aching Joints