Exercising With Asthma During The COVID-19 Outbreak

The World Health Organization and other health organizations have advised people who suffer from asthma that they are at increased risk of acquiring COVID-19 coronavirus. These same people have unique challenges with exercise.


One Quarter of Kids Asthma Cases Obesity-related: Study

A study including health data for more than 500,000 children in the U.S. suggests obesity might be to blame for about a quarter (23 to 27 percent) of asthma in children who are obese. This could mean about 10 percent of all kids ages 2 to 17 with asthma — almost 1 million children in… Continue reading One Quarter of Kids Asthma Cases Obesity-related: Study

Obesity and Asthma

Obesity is known to be a risk factor for developing asthma but a new study shows that the reverse is also true: people with asthma are more likely to go on to become obese. The new research, presented at the European Respiratory Society International Congress, indicates that those who develop asthma as adults and those… Continue reading Obesity and Asthma