Possible Link Between Prediabetes And Poor Brain Health: Study

Brain health matters. We’ve learned much about the interactions between physical health and the health of the brain. Now, a new study found links between prediabetes, common among Western nations, and declining brain health. We might want to pay attention.

Does Caffeine Consumption Change The Structure Of The Brain?

Caffeine is the world’s most widely consumed psychoactive substance. There’s little argument about that. There are, however, many questions still to be answered about how caffeine effects the brain. Recent research seems to show that regular caffeine use may change the physical structure of the brain, at least temporarily.

Can Wine And Cheese Really Protect Against Cognitive Decline?

We know that nutrition and brain health are inexorably linked. Multiple research studies have clearly shown this to be true. Fruits, vegetables and healthy fats all have a positive impact on cognitive health. But can wine and cheese really be the latest brain-boosting foods to add to that list?

Will Teen Cannabis Use Impair Cognitive Development?

The relationship between teen cannabis use and cognitive impairment has been studied frequently. One question has been whether the cognitive impairment is causal or consequential to the cannabis use. A study out of Canada sought to answer that question and find out what effects teen cannabis use has on cognition.

Does Dietary Fiber Improve Brain Function As We Age?

There’s a huge body of research into why cognitive and memory function seem to decline as we age. A number of mechanisms and age-related conditions have been identified as connected to this decline. One is chronic brain inflammation. The solution to that issue may be simpler than we knew.

Aerobic Exercise Linked To Enhanced Brain Function

Cardiorespiratory exercise has many benefits. Those benefits extend to the brain as well as the heart and metabolism. A new study published in a special edition of the journal Brain Plasticity details some specific ways in which these “brain benefits” work and how they might especially help those at risk for neurodegenerative disorders like Alzheimer’s Disease.

Are Brain Changes Strike Three For Soybean Oil?

Soybean oil is everywhere in American life. Websites run by everyone from doctors to random vegans tout it as a healthier alternative to vegetable oils, with some folks claiming unique health benefits ranging from lower blood sugar to X-ray vision. Okay, maybe not X-ray vision, but a quick web search will show you what I… Continue reading Are Brain Changes Strike Three For Soybean Oil?

Concussion Changes How Information Flows Within The Brain

Damage from concussion alters the way information is transmitted between the two halves of the brain, according to a new study presented today at the annual meeting of the Radiological Society of North America (RSNA). Research has shown that the corpus callosum, a bundle of nerve fibers that carries signals between the brain’s left and… Continue reading Concussion Changes How Information Flows Within The Brain