Adequate Vitamin D Levels May Reduce Cancer Deaths

Good news about vitamin D is piling up. We’ve learned it reduces the likelihood of contracting COVID-19, eases symptoms for those who do contract the virus and has positive effects on the gut, brain and other body systems. The latest findings about vitamin D and your health don’t disappoint, either.

Alcohol Consumption And The Incidence Of Cancer And Mortality

Americans enjoy a drink now and then. Maybe more than that. Alcohol consumption increased significantly during the COVID-19 public health crisis. Previous research points to a link between alcohol consumption, cancer and mortality from all causes. Is this accurate and what is the impact of booze on cancer and death?

Metabolic Dysfunction And Chronic Disease

Modern Western medicine has gotten very good at treatments that are reactive. Dealing with broken bones, the flu and other viruses and even asthma and heart attacks is the basis of that practice. But what do we really know about chronic illnesses like heart disease, cancer and diabetes?

Is Obesity Killing You Faster?

Obesity puts you at risk for a variety of life-altering or life-threatening conditions and diseases. These include cardiovascular disease, cancer, type 2 diabetes, Alzheimer’s disease, decreased cognition and a weak immune system. These are all common “side effects” of aging, too. Is obesity just accelerated or premature aging?

Mitochondria, DNA and Chemotherapy-resistant Tumors

Mitochondria, tiny structures present in most cells, are known for their energy-generating machinery. Now, Salk researchers have discovered a new function of mitochondria: they set off molecular alarms when cells are exposed to stress or chemicals that can damage DNA, such as chemotherapy. The results, published online in Nature Metabolism on December 9, 2019, could… Continue reading Mitochondria, DNA and Chemotherapy-resistant Tumors

New Research Says Red, Processed Meat Poses No Health Threat

TRIGGER ALERT! Just a warning to all my readers who are plant-based dieters, vegans, vegetarians and avoiders of red meat. If you’re trying to save the world or those of us who live in it by promoting plant-based eating or you just like crusading against meat for whatever reason, this article may not be for… Continue reading New Research Says Red, Processed Meat Poses No Health Threat

Get Zinc or Get Sick?

Is there a single vitamin, mineral or element that makes “the” difference between staying healthy and catching every annoying bug that comes along? Probably not. Even so, there are plenty of medical experts, nutritionists and researchers who make a strong argument for zinc being the difference maker for your immune system, among other things. Zinc… Continue reading Get Zinc or Get Sick?

Weight Loss Plateaus and Rebound Weight Gain Solved by Science?

Has science found a way to overcome one of the most mysterious – and frustrating – challenges facing those seeking weight loss? It’s a frustration expressed by millions of “losers” around the world. After losing weight, why does it so often find its way back? Conventional wisdom says people often get less compliant with their… Continue reading Weight Loss Plateaus and Rebound Weight Gain Solved by Science?

Is Maternal Obesity Linked to Childhood Cancer?

A new study analyzed 2 million birth records and 3,000 cancer registry records and found that children born to obese mothers were 57% more likely to develop cancer, independent of other factors. This finding offers a rare opportunity for childhood cancer prevention. Using Pennsylvania birth records, the researchers found a correlation between pre-pregnancy body-mass index… Continue reading Is Maternal Obesity Linked to Childhood Cancer?

Most Effective Weight Loss Strategy May be the Easiest

If you want lose weight, research shows, the single best predictor of success is monitoring and recording calorie and fat intake throughout the day — to “write it when you bite it.” But dietary self-monitoring is widely viewed as so unpleasant and time-consuming, many would-be weight-losers can’t muster the will power to do it. New… Continue reading Most Effective Weight Loss Strategy May be the Easiest