Do Dietary Mismatches Drive Obesity And Disease?

Most people ascribe to the idea that obesity is connected to eating too much and moving too little. Most also believe the idea that cardiovascular disease, diabetes and other chronic illnesses stem from obesity. But what if there’s something else at work. The “mismatch hypothesis suggests exactly that.

Metabolic Dysfunction And Chronic Disease

Modern Western medicine has gotten very good at treatments that are reactive. Dealing with broken bones, the flu and other viruses and even asthma and heart attacks is the basis of that practice. But what do we really know about chronic illnesses like heart disease, cancer and diabetes?

Should Obesity Be Considered a Disease?

Here in the United States, there has been much discussion already about whether obesity should be recognized as a disease. Certainly, the health problems, conditions and diseases to which obesity contributes strongly are a major health cost factor and consideration. Now, the medical and health systems and practitioners in the United Kingdom can no longer… Continue reading Should Obesity Be Considered a Disease?