Getting Unstuck In My Fitness And Health Habits

We all get thrown off of our health and fitness habits sometimes! Even me! How do we get back on track? While it’s different for each of us, here’s how I did it today.

Coronavirus Shutdown At Home Workout (Video)

Many Americans and others around the world are at home, unable to work or do the normal, everyday things they’ve always done. That includes going to the gym to work on their fitness. Here’s a workout you can do right at home with minimal or no equipment.

Coach Feedback Is Proprioception And Brain Food For Athletes

The job of a coach is to help others develop talent, skills and abilities in the pursuit of goals and objectives that will better the life of the person being coached. It is also to help the person being coached to avoid pitfalls and take advantage of every tool, resource and opportunity available in that… Continue reading Coach Feedback Is Proprioception And Brain Food For Athletes

Coaching Athletes For Sports Fitness Mastery

A lot of fitness and training concepts can be complex. They have a lot of moving parts and a lot of things that can go wrong or be performed inefficiently, ineffectively or incorrectly. This is very true of strength and conditioning and speed and agility as it relates to sports fitness. As a coach, your… Continue reading Coaching Athletes For Sports Fitness Mastery

Build Rotational Power for Softball and Baseball!

Improving rotational power for softball with the girls from Ruthless Softball New Jersey this morning at All-Star Sports Academy! This drill is fun, incredibly effective and provides intuitive reinforcement of an essential movement skill for hitting and even for throwing. Simple cuing improves the likelihood that the execution of the movement will translate to the… Continue reading Build Rotational Power for Softball and Baseball!

What Truly Matters

If you were staring death in the face, what would really matter to you? If the end of your life was imminent, would you regret your mistakes and failures? Or would your bigger regrets be about the things you didn’t do because of fear – of failure or anything else? Take a moment and imagine… Continue reading What Truly Matters

Another Reason To Start!

If you know me well, you know this has been the most challenging year of my entire life. Physically, emotionally, intellectually and spiritually. All 4 pillars of my fitness and health have been under fire. To be honest, it’s nearly broken me more than once. But each time I get frozen by fear, paralyzed by… Continue reading Another Reason To Start!