Sip Your Way To A Faster 5K?

If your 5K run times aren’t quite where you’d like them to be, help might be on the way. Not in the form of some secret training program or new running shoes. The “secret sauce” for a faster 5K? A nice, big cup of coffee. Or so says new research.

Coffee, Ritual and Wisdom

Sometimes, deep thoughts, philosophy and real-life wisdom come from the most mundane, everyday sources. For example, my morning coffee taught me something today. I realized that I’ve been drinking my morning brew from the same cup for over 15 years. Every morning that I’ve been home for morning coffee, it’s been in this mug. Two… Continue reading Coffee, Ritual and Wisdom

Is Coffee an Obesity-Fighter?

Scientists from the University of Nottingham have discovered that drinking a cup of coffee can stimulate ‘brown fat’, the body’s own fat-fighting defenses, which could be the key to tackling obesity and diabetes. The pioneering study, published today in the journal Scientific Reports, is one of the first to be carried out in humans to… Continue reading Is Coffee an Obesity-Fighter?

Coffee: How Much is Too Much?

It’s never been a big secret that I’m a huge fan of coffee. Rich, dark, robust roasts that lift your senses and give you that morning kick! And I’m surely not alone! Latte, cappuccino or short black, a morning coffee is an essential for many people looking to kick start their day. But while the… Continue reading Coffee: How Much is Too Much?

Podcast: 9 Science Based Reasons to Drink Coffee

Coffee has been a staple of civilized food culture for hundreds of years. From Yemeni mystics to bleary-eyed commuters, millions of people swear by it. But should you drink it? Yes, says science! Coffee has a wide spectrum of benefits that go beyond the caffeine buzz. From energy, concentration and focus to preventing Type 2… Continue reading Podcast: 9 Science Based Reasons to Drink Coffee

9 Science-based Reasons to Drink Coffee

I have a confession to make. I love coffee! When my alarm goes off and I don’t smell the wafting joy of auto-brewing coffee in the kitchen, there’s truly some glory missing from that morning. There’s something about that aroma that says “it’s going to be a good day.” Interestingly, people have been having similar… Continue reading 9 Science-based Reasons to Drink Coffee

Because Jamaican Blue Mountain…

Since I started my ketogenic eating plan back on January 8 of this year (28 lbs ago!), I’ve been avoiding afternoon coffee in favor of lots of water & the occasional cup of green tea. BUT…when my favorite Starbucks has Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee available on the Clover Brewer, it’s a “must-have!” Sometimes, “compromise” results… Continue reading Because Jamaican Blue Mountain…