Longevity, Health, Happiness and Consistency

One full week into changing my habit base, there haven’t been any miraculous changes. My weight hasn’t changed. I haven’t magically sprouted new muscles (I don’t think.) No new personal records or amazing changes in how I feel, how my brain works or anything else to report. But this change is about long-term, sustainable habits… Continue reading Longevity, Health, Happiness and Consistency


If Success Matters…

Some things I’ve learned about success. Or maybe some things I have to constantly remind myself of. Every success I have seems to have these elements sewn into it. Discipline keeps me pushing through when life weakens me. Consistency keeps me working strong and steady. Being nice to people means having more support, more resources… Continue reading If Success Matters…

Chase Fitness or Commit to Fitness

You might actually find fitness! Challenges are fun. Challenges can get you going. Consistency and commitment will get you across the finish line! More importantly, they are the keys to STAYING THERE! There is no element of a fitness, nutrition or health and wellness plan that is more important than consistency. Nothing will lead you… Continue reading Chase Fitness or Commit to Fitness