10 Reasons Why You Just Gotta Deadlift!

Nobody is lukewarm on deadlifts. You either love them or hate them. In fact, a lot of people love them and hate them while many others love to hate them. Let’s face it, they challenge you in ways that no other exercise can. Deadlifts don’t care what college you went to (or whether you did,)… Continue reading 10 Reasons Why You Just Gotta Deadlift!

Step Away From the Kettlebell!

Should your athlete or client swing a Kettlebell? The answer, as it often is in fitness, is “it depends.” Kettlebells are everywhere in the fitness world. Every McFitness health club, every training center, every studio and then some. And everyone who’s watched 60 seconds of Youtube videos thinks they know how to swing them. But… Continue reading Step Away From the Kettlebell!

Kettlebells – Ready to Swing?

A kettlebell. Present in so many fitness centers, gyms and studios that it’s becoming rarer NOT to see them. So many great exercises and activities to be done with them. A near universal favorite? The kettlebell swing. But are your clients “ready to swing?” The answer? “It depends.” Issues of hip and ankle mobility, glute… Continue reading Kettlebells – Ready to Swing?