Recipe: Keto Brownie Muffins

These have quickly become a breakfast and snacking favorite in our household! Easy to make, portable and 7 grams of fiber per serving! Rich dark chocolate flavor with a touch of sweetness thanks to sugar-free caramel syrup. Filling and satisfying! Try them split and toasted with a little cream cheese! Oh my! Ingredients1 cup golden… Continue reading Recipe: Keto Brownie Muffins


Conspiracies, Fat Americans and a Magic Bullet

In this short episode of the Four Pillar Fitness podcast, I share with you some new research into what might just be the “Magic Bullet” for weight loss. But before diving into that, I share my thoughts on: How America looks, circa 1976 and circa 2018. How we got so much fatter and unhealthier. The… Continue reading Conspiracies, Fat Americans and a Magic Bullet