Study Says Wearing Masks May Reduce COVID-19 Coronavirus Transmission

During the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic, there has been some controversy around the wearing of masks or face coverings. We were alternately told to wear them and not wear them. But does wearing a face covering reduce transmission of the virus? A new study seeks to answer that question.

Is COVID-19 Coronavirus All Over Your Smartphone?

Rumors abound about how long COVID-19 coronavirus can survive on various surfaces. One media story said the virus survives for 3 to 4 days on your kitchen counter. Thankfully, real science has provided real evidence. It’s also told us something about your smartphone you may not want to hear.

Symptom Incubation Period For COVID-19 Coronavirus Identified

COVID-19 has been in the news since early December, but we still have important questions unanswered. How long can it survive on surfaces? How is it really transmitted? How long does it take for symptoms to begin after infection? Johns Hopkins University seems to have answered the last one.

It’s The Microbes That Will Get You

They say it’s the little things in life that really matter. It turns out they might be right. It also seems that it may be the little things that kill us in the end. Our particular species of fun-loving bipeds has survived all manner of threat and danger over the millenia. Floods, fires, famine and… Continue reading It’s The Microbes That Will Get You

Get Zinc or Get Sick?

Is there a single vitamin, mineral or element that makes “the” difference between staying healthy and catching every annoying bug that comes along? Probably not. Even so, there are plenty of medical experts, nutritionists and researchers who make a strong argument for zinc being the difference maker for your immune system, among other things. Zinc… Continue reading Get Zinc or Get Sick?