Podcast: Overeating? Here’s Six Reasons To Stop

Do you find yourself indulging in high-calorie, high-fat and -sugar foods a bit too often? We all crave “comfort foods” or treats now and then. But consistent overeating can create negative health results beyond the obvious.

How COVID-19 Coronavirus Beats The Immune System And Gets Into Lung Tissue

We’ve heard a lot about how COVID-19 coronavirus is transmitted and how it effects the body. We were introduced to medical terms like cytokine storm, hydroxychloroquine and viral shedding. But how does the virus do its work? How does it beat our defenses and attack respiratory tissue

Drug Shows Promise As Treatment For COVID-19 Coronavirus

A number of drugs have been held up as promising treatments for COVID-19 coronavirus. A few have already been put into use. The most well-known of these is Hydroxychloroquine. However, another drug, Remdesivir, is also showing strong results in clinical trials. Could this be the answer for treating COVID-19?

Air Pollution And COVID-19 Coronavirus In Northern Italy

COVID-19 coronavirus has hit the world hard, with medical and public health authorities working hard to slow the spread, beat the disease and save lives. Northern Italy has been hit particularly hard, with thousands of deaths. Could pollution have played a part in Northern Italy’s suffering?

Stanford Study Says COVID-19 Coronavirus Patients Often Have Secondary Respiratory Illness

We know that people with certain comorbidities like diabetes, cancer and heart disease, as well as older people, are at higher risk of dying from COVID-19. It wasn’t believed, however, that those with COVID-19 might also have other respiratory illnesses like influenza, rhinovirus or adenovirus. New research indicates differently.

One Simple Way To Boost Immunity And COVID-19 Coronavirus Defenses

To stop the spread of COVID-19 coronavirus, a majority of people around the world have been told to stay at home. Even without your gym or health club, you can still take advantage of a huge immune system booster. Regular exercise helps boost your immunity and keep you healthy.