Cardio For Those Who Hate Cardio

If you know me, you know I hate cardio. Really hate it. Clarification – I hate “traditional” cardio. Long, boring, steady state, make-me-wanna-stab-myself cardio. I also despise “stupid” cardio. You know, burpees, mountain climbers and all that crap. Just dumb. But I like how cardio makes my body feel and how it keeps my heart… Continue reading Cardio For Those Who Hate Cardio

Kill Your Treadmill!

Thinking about 30 minutes on the treadmill to get in some “cardio?” Think again. Why engage in 30 wasted minutes of a hip-flexion-heavy, boring activity that won’t actually make you stronger or better? Screw that… Pick up some heavy stuff and carry it around! Loaded Carries, my friend. Do some cardio your body will thank… Continue reading Kill Your Treadmill!