The Factors That Predict Success

Grit. Is it really that “intangible” quality that you’re either born with or stuck without? Analysis of data from over 11,000 West Point cadets strengthens earlier theories regarding the nature of grit, but also point to other attributes that are key to long-term success and achievement. When you’re Angela Duckworth, you get asked about what… Continue reading The Factors That Predict Success


Another Reason To Start!

If you know me well, you know this has been the most challenging year of my entire life. Physically, emotionally, intellectually and spiritually. All 4 pillars of my fitness and health have been under fire. To be honest, it’s nearly broken me more than once. But each time I get frozen by fear, paralyzed by… Continue reading Another Reason To Start!

Infection Risk Doubled In PTSD Sufferers

PTSD is most commonly associated with military personnel returning from the battlefield or combat situations. However, with symptoms of PTSD being recognized in adults and teens with chronic stress, it is important to understand all the ramifications to the mind and body of the sufferer. To that end, a new study was undertaken by the… Continue reading Infection Risk Doubled In PTSD Sufferers

Stress During Pregnancy Can Affect Baby’s Brain

Is it possible that maternal stress both during and before pregnancy can have a negative effect on the brain development in the baby? Yes, says new research from King’s College London. In a study published in Biological Psychiatry, a research team headed by Alexandra Lautarescu, MRC Doctoral Researcher and Head of Advanced Neuroimaging Professor Serena… Continue reading Stress During Pregnancy Can Affect Baby’s Brain

If Success Matters…

Some things I’ve learned about success. Or maybe some things I have to constantly remind myself of. Every success I have seems to have these elements sewn into it. Discipline keeps me pushing through when life weakens me. Consistency keeps me working strong and steady. Being nice to people means having more support, more resources… Continue reading If Success Matters…

Opportunity in Challenge

Personal revelation warning!.For the past few months, my wife and I have faced a series of personal, health and financial challenges. At times, those challenges have fueled fear and anxiety over the future. During the last month or so, we’ve slowly realized that our life together also has a strong opportunity attached to it. Something… Continue reading Opportunity in Challenge

Forgiveness: At The Root of Love?

I’ve learned a hard lesson in my life. Love is impossible without mercy, without the capacity to forgive. That’s true of our ability to love others, certainly. All of us, after all, are lovable because of, rather than in spite of, our limitations. But what about loving yourself? How can you possibly love yourself if… Continue reading Forgiveness: At The Root of Love?

Want More Confidence?

Confidence grows when you KNOW you are capable of getting things done. It grows when you expand your ability and commitment to doing the things you tell yourself you will do. When you make a promise to yourself and keep it, you tell yourself that what you desire matters and is important. When you make… Continue reading Want More Confidence?

Worrying Won’t Add to Your Life

Worry. Fear. Anxiety. We all experience these emotions. We all know how they feel. But do you really understand how much of your life they steal? No amount of worry or stress ever changed anything. They steal the energy with which you might otherwise be building a great life for yourself and those you love!… Continue reading Worrying Won’t Add to Your Life

Stress and Anxiety Aren’t Always Bad For You

Stress. Anxiety. Ugh! We’ve been conditioned as human beings to believe that stress and anxiety are bad things, dangerous to mental, emotional and even physical health. But what if stress and anxiety had a brighter, more positive side? What if, at some level, both of these demons of modern life were actually good for us?… Continue reading Stress and Anxiety Aren’t Always Bad For You