Will Better Cardio Fitness Really Help You Live Longer?

Doctors and lots of people on treadmills in health clubs believe better “cardio” leads to a longer life. People run, swim, row, climb and engage in all sorts of cardiorespiratory fitness activities in order to keep the Grim Reaper away a little longer. The big question is “does it work?”

Endurance Exercise Can Give You A Healthier Gut

There’s been a lot of research and discussion about gut bacteria and their impact on health and fitness. Your gut microbiome has affects on nearly every aspect of your body, your health and even athletic performance. So wouldn’t it be great to know what kind of exercise will make your microbiome stronger?

High-tempo Music And Exercise

Music holds a near-sacred place in the fitness world. Many exercisers swear that their music makes the difference in whether they finish a workout and the effectiveness of that workout. Some exercise programs are even built around specific types of music or rhythm structures. But does music really have benefits to exercisers?

Resistance Training For Older Adults Is a Must For Good Health: Paper

The fitness world has known for a while now that resistance training has many benefits for seniors and older adults, when done correctly and in the right “dose.” Now, a position paper from a group of experts published in the National Strength & Conditioning Association’s Journal of Strength & Conditioning Research highlights the importance of… Continue reading Resistance Training For Older Adults Is a Must For Good Health: Paper