5 Surefire Ways To Be a Crappy Coach Or Trainer

As an observer of the fitness profession, as well as fitness professionals, it looks to me like there are plenty of fitness coaches – strength coaches, youth fitness coaches, personal trainers and coaches all over our field – who are trying to be terrible. Maybe they’re really not, but it sure as heck looks that… Continue reading 5 Surefire Ways To Be a Crappy Coach Or Trainer


Thank You EFPS 2018!

So grateful, blessed and honored to have been a part of the best Elite Fitness & Performance Summit yet! Thank you to Nick, Ryan and the team at FR Nation for having me as a presenter. It was great to see so many people I love, honor & respect. This really was like a big… Continue reading Thank You EFPS 2018!

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ou may already noticed something a little “off” about this bit of writing.

Maybe because there’s something a little “off” about me, as it relates to fitting in to the mold of “typical” Fitness Professionals. (IS there really such a thing? WHY?)