Dream Big, Stir the Soul

Dream big dreams! Make plans as if you know God is already on your side (He is!) Big dreams, big goals “stir the blood.” Big dreams lead to large-scale action. Big dreams and big actions are why you were put here by the Creator! Step into His vision for you! Dream big, act big and… Continue reading Dream Big, Stir the Soul


Walk Boldly In Faith!

Walk boldly in faith! When your vision for your life is in line with God’s word and His ways, you cannot fail! He will place the people, resources and opportunities in your path to help ensure your victory! Serve others with joy! Believe in yourself and your goals and dreams! Keep faith with God’s plan!… Continue reading Walk Boldly In Faith!

Be Nice to Your Employees and It Will Pay Off

Want the best results out of your employees? Then be nice to them. New research from Binghamton University, State University at New York finds that showing compassion to subordinates almost always pays off, especially when combined with the enforcement of clear goals and benchmarks. “Being benevolent is important because it can change the perception your… Continue reading Be Nice to Your Employees and It Will Pay Off