Belief and Happiness

New research suggests people who are religious gain happiness from believing there is a deeper meaning to everyday events. Dr Jonathan Ramsay is a Senior Lecturer in psychology at James Cook University’s Singapore campus, with a particular interest in the psychology of religion. His team surveyed 231 people from a diverse mix of Christians, Buddhists… Continue reading Belief and Happiness


Keep the Faith!

Whatever dreams, desires and passions God has put in your heart are there because He has a bigger plan for you and your life! Don’t lose heart! Keep the faith and put on His full armor! Believe big! God doesn’t make small plans and neither should we! So when things get challenging, remember not only… Continue reading Keep the Faith!

Listen to the One Voice…

South Mountain Trails in Phoenix, Arizona… Just tackled this off-trail climb. When I looked up and the tiny voice in my head said “don’t,” the stronger voice…His voice, said “We got this!” This was about a 300 foot climb up a 45 degree slope with loose rocks, cactus, thickets and brambles. I’m a 54 year… Continue reading Listen to the One Voice…