Squat Lunge Complexes

Barbell Squat-Lunge Complexes are a great way to increase lower-body strength and stability. They also provide a high degree of athletic crossover. They impact vertical leap, both bilateral and unilateral, and improve sprint power, coordination under load, overall strength and athletic durability. Whether you use a Squat to Reverse Lunge, like Jose is doing here… Continue reading Squat Lunge Complexes


Try this: Zercher Lunge and Ball Slam Complex

Click for video. Core training, strength training, postural training and metabolic conditioning. All important elements of a solid training program, for athletes and for fat loss. All found in this multi-faceted complex. Zercher Carry Walking Lunge x 12 Dead Ball Slam x 6 4 rounds, with 45-60 seconds rest between rounds, BUT you must hold… Continue reading Try this: Zercher Lunge and Ball Slam Complex