Travel Safety During The COVID-19 Coronavirus Pandemic

COVID-19 coronavirus has reached virtually every corner of the globe. Every nation in the world has at least one reported case. What happens, then, if you have to travel during this pandemic? Is there any way to be safe about it? Maybe, says the Mayo Clinic.

For a Healthier Heart, Get a Dog

Want to improve your heart health? Get a dog! Most dog owners will tell you that having a dog makes them feel better. They’ve got “someone” in their lives that provides unconditional love, is always happy to see them and just makes them feel better. It turns out that there may be something to their… Continue reading For a Healthier Heart, Get a Dog

Your Gut Bacteria and Weight Loss

This study was small, but may provide some interesting insight into how our gut bacteria impact our ability to lose weight. Source: Mayo Clinic A preliminary study published in the August issue of Mayo Clinic Proceedings suggests that, for some people, specific activities of gut bacteria may be responsible for their inability to lose weight,… Continue reading Your Gut Bacteria and Weight Loss