Manage Your Mental Health And Well-being During The COVID-19 Pandemic With These 7 Tips

In this great article from Desiree Dickerson, a clinical psychologist and former researcher, we get some useful ideas for dealing with the isolation, loneliness, depression and anxiety that can come from dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic.


Podcast: Help Your Kids Cope With The COVID-19 Coronavirus Pandemic

Your kids are especially vulnerable to the psychological and emotional scars that can come from being blasted with pandemic news and misinformation all the time. Join me for some strategies and tactics to help them avoid the worst of it!

New Allies In The Treatment Of Depression

Depression was first recognized in Mesopotamia in the 2nd millennium B.C. It seems as if it has been variably misdiagnosed ill-recognized ever since. Even in the modern era, treatment is often hit-and-miss. However, depression patients may be gaining some powerful new allies in the quest to understand and quiet this often disabling disorder.

Find Joy In The Journey

You’ll only pass this way once. That’s the iconic phrase about life that virtually every human being over the age of 6 has heard at least once. For some people, it’s a mantra. Part inspiration, part cautionary phrase, part last-thing-I’m-going-to-say, semi-dismissive, passive-aggressive encouragement to close out a conversation or part of one. But what the… Continue reading Find Joy In The Journey

Podcast: Youth Sports and Kids Emotional Health: Study Review

Youth sports, especially in the US, has taken a lot of criticism lately. Not so much for the actual playing of the sports themselves. The criticism usually involves the behaviors, attitudes and actions of the adults involved. Generally, it’s always been thought that playing sports is good for kids. Most people who’ve played youth sports… Continue reading Podcast: Youth Sports and Kids Emotional Health: Study Review