This is Cardio That Actually Works! (Video)

This. Is. Cardio! Well, it’s actually metabolic conditioning, which is what the majority of your clients and athletes really need. MetCon conditions the body to use energy better, remain stronger longer and look way better than ‘cardio’ ever could. Strength and power based activities performed intensely for short bouts. Repeat over time with minimal rest… Continue reading This is Cardio That Actually Works! (Video)


Bucketball Family Fitness Challenge

Bucketball Challenge! Simple rules: do an exercise, get one shot. First one to 6 pts. wins. Except, as you can see, making those shots was the real challenge! In the end, mom missed the game-tying shot to send us into OT, so Morghan got the W! Great job Mo! (and Mom!) Is YOUR fitness this… Continue reading Bucketball Family Fitness Challenge

Metabolic Conditioning with Sled and Loaded Carries 1

Adult clients need efficient exercise options. With busy schedules, it’s a good idea for fitness coaches and trainers to have multi-faceted options in their “tool boxes.” Here is an example of one of those multi-faceted complexes. Core training, metabolic conditioning, improved shoulder/spinal stability all in one (reasonably) simple finishing complex. Using a combination of KB… Continue reading Metabolic Conditioning with Sled and Loaded Carries 1

Effective Metabolic Conditioning

Effective Metabolic Conditioning should meet 4 essential criteria. 1. It needs to be manageable for your clients, based on current fitness levels, movement skills and motivation levels. 2. It should be challenging enough to elicit a training response that increases work and cardio-respiratory capacity and contributes to improved metabolic efficiency (energy system enhancement and better… Continue reading Effective Metabolic Conditioning

Better is better…

Better is better. I say it to my athletes and clients, and I believe it fully. Better form leads to better exercise. Better exercise leads to better metabolic output and better strength and power. Here, Craig is getting after a MetCon complex with really good form. Sure, he could Wall Ball with 1/2 depth squats.… Continue reading Better is better…