A Simple Key To Losing More Fat

Fat loss seems to be a goal for just about every dieter and health and fitness enthusiast on the planet. Maybe that’s why so many “miracles” for fat loss hit the market every year. But one tried-and-true, science-backed key does exist. Eating more protein is that key.


Vitamin D And The Risk Of Infection And Severity Of Symptoms Of COVID-19 Coronavirus

Adequate levels of vitamin D have been linked to reduced risk of respiratory infections and conditions including influenza, tuberculosis and even childhood asthma. But can vitamin D help fight off COVID-19 coronavirus? And if you do get infected, can adequate vitamin D levels reduce the severity of symptoms?

Meal Timing And Weight Loss

Meal timing for weight loss, fat loss and gaining muscle has long been a kind of turf war in the fitness/nutrition profession. Should you eat breakfast to lose weight? Are late night snacks bad? Each time one question seems to get answered, more pop up. One study may have actually provided a real answer. Maybe.