Don’t Give Up!

We’re three weeks into a new year and a new decade! It’s an exciting time, to be sure. How are those resolutions doing? Are your changes “sticking,” or are they slipping away? Are they likely to become long-term and sustainable or have they disappeared like mist? I’m asking because this is “crunch week!” Only about… Continue reading Don’t Give Up!


A Simplified Guide to Protein Intake

Protein. With fat, carbohydrate and water, a macronutrient you (quite literally) can’t live without. But the question I get a lot (really a lot!) is “how much?” It’s an important question that has had a lot of confusion built around it, mostly by the weight loss/muscle gain scammers in the fitness industry. Whether you are… Continue reading A Simplified Guide to Protein Intake

5 Weight Loss Diets That Suck

Obesity. It’s a condition that never stops being in the news. Probably because it never stops. Never stops being a health risk. Never stops making people unhealthy. Never stops making people unhappy. But is it worth risking your life to lose some weight? Maybe, according to millions of overweight people. Every day, more and more… Continue reading 5 Weight Loss Diets That Suck