Order Is Not Oppression

Order is a gift from the Creator. Order balances life in response to chaos. It’s necessary and should be welcome in your life. Oppression is a tool of weak, bitter and insecure humans. Suppression – of thought, speech and action – is the first tool of the oppressor. Oppression is a means to undeserved power.… Continue reading Order Is Not Oppression

Ducks, Rows And Drunk Squirrels

Have you ever felt like this? Of course you have! Every one of us has had moments, days, even lifetimes that feel this way. Life in our modern, high-speed, hyper-connected, 24/7 world can shake your foundations, bust your rows and scatter your proverbial ducks. It can leave you feeling like your nice, organized ducks have… Continue reading Ducks, Rows And Drunk Squirrels

The Nature of Being

The essence of being has never been about acquiring, having or controlling. Being has always, and will always, be about doing, experiencing and interacting. Being is that act of walking the fine line between order and chaos, between the known and the unknown. Being is impossible in isolation. Being is not worth experiencing alone, and… Continue reading The Nature of Being