Podcast: Overeating? Here’s Six Reasons To Stop

Do you find yourself indulging in high-calorie, high-fat and -sugar foods a bit too often? We all crave “comfort foods” or treats now and then. But consistent overeating can create negative health results beyond the obvious.

Overeating? Here’s 6 Reasons To Stop

Be honest. During the COVID-19 pandemic lockdowns, you’ve indulged on an oversized meal once or twice. An extra slice of pizza, extra sweets or second helping of comfort food. Occasional overeating probably won’t ruin your health. Making it a habit, however, is a recipe for serious health issues.

How To Defend Against Overeating

When it comes to weight loss diets and exercise, science seems confused. Should you exercise when trying to lose weight on a reduced-calorie diet? How intensely? Skip the exercise entirely? Should you focus on output (how many calories you burn) instead of restricting calories? Should you bag the whole idea and go get a pizza?… Continue reading How To Defend Against Overeating