Forgiveness: At The Root of Love?

I’ve learned a hard lesson in my life. Love is impossible without mercy, without the capacity to forgive. That’s true of our ability to love others, certainly. All of us, after all, are lovable because of, rather than in spite of, our limitations. But what about loving yourself? How can you possibly love yourself if… Continue reading Forgiveness: At The Root of Love?


Want More Confidence?

Confidence grows when you KNOW you are capable of getting things done. It grows when you expand your ability and commitment to doing the things you tell yourself you will do. When you make a promise to yourself and keep it, you tell yourself that what you desire matters and is important. When you make… Continue reading Want More Confidence?

Knowing Yourself

Knowing yourself is a learning process. That process is continual, with new things being learned all the time. After all, none of us is exactly the same today as we were yesterday. And tomorrow, that’ll still be true. 😎 Like any learning, it requires you to ask questions. Sometimes those questions can be difficult and… Continue reading Knowing Yourself

Achievement and Attachment

One of the most difficult life lessons to learn is that emotional attachment to your desired outcomes, objectives and goals is a double-edged sword. Yes, emotional energy gives life to your objectives and goals. Be passionate and excited about what you want to see manifested in the world! But understand that the process matters, the… Continue reading Achievement and Attachment

True Happiness

We all seek happiness. A future that improves on the present. But happiness is not some ethereal, mystical and perfect place at which to arrive. Happiness is a state of being. Dr. Jordan Peterson says “Perhaps happiness is always to be found in the journey uphill, not in the fleeting sense of satisfaction awaiting at… Continue reading True Happiness

Podcast: Four Pillar Fitness Happy Hour With Jana Brooke, aka “The Dumbbell Bombshell!”

Happy Hour Friday is back! And there may be nobody better to get them back on the map than Jana Brooke, aka “The Dumbbell Bombshell!” Jana is a fitness professional with a great personal brand and an electrifying personality!   Check out the episode to discover: What Jana means when she says “when things are… Continue reading Podcast: Four Pillar Fitness Happy Hour With Jana Brooke, aka “The Dumbbell Bombshell!”

The Power of Gratitude in Your Life and Your Brain

Gratitude is an important aspect of human social interaction. It is valued by both religious and secular people and societies. It can also have a unique and profound impact on your brain – and your life! The Roman statesman Cicero said of gratitude that it “is not just the greatest of virtues, but the parent… Continue reading The Power of Gratitude in Your Life and Your Brain

Warrior, Monk, Wizard

Prefer a podcast version of this message? Here you go: Warrior, Monk, Wizard on Four Pillar Fitness Podcast This is a personal transparency alert… I’ve been lying to the world for at least a week, maybe a little more. Wearing that “all good” mask and letting everyone around me think I had my crap together… Continue reading Warrior, Monk, Wizard