Healthy Temple, Healthy Spirit

We hear a lot of talk about “self care” from fitness and health professionals. But what does that really mean? In truth, we’re spiritual beings having a physical experience. Our bodies are the temples in which our spirits reside. Neither is truly our own. Each is a gift from God, from our Creator. Keep your… Continue reading Healthy Temple, Healthy Spirit


9 Reasons Women Don’t Lose Weight

  1. Your mindset sucks (you’re “trying” again. Screw that, just effing do it!) Ok, so maybe it really isn’t THAT simple. But it kinda is. How many times have you “tried” to lose the weight? You know, once and for all? Maybe you even lost a bunch of weight once (twice? 3 or 4… Continue reading 9 Reasons Women Don’t Lose Weight

The Curse of Perfectionism…

“Our findings suggest that self-oriented perfectionism, socially prescribed perfectionism, and other-oriented perfectionism have increased over the last 27 years. We speculate that this may be because, generally, American, Canadian, and British cultures have become more individualistic, materialistic, and socially antagonistic over this period, with young people now facing more competitive environments, more unrealistic expectations, and… Continue reading The Curse of Perfectionism…