What Seems To Be Making Most Women Unhappy

Is there something about which women are universally unhappy? We might jokingly say it’s their spouses (cue Jack Benny,) but according to new science, there actually seems to be one thing uniting a large percentage of women in dissatisfaction and unhappiness.

Knowing Yourself

Knowing yourself is a learning process. That process is continual, with new things being learned all the time. After all, none of us is exactly the same today as we were yesterday. And tomorrow, that’ll still be true. 😎 Like any learning, it requires you to ask questions. Sometimes those questions can be difficult and… Continue reading Knowing Yourself

9 Reasons Women Don’t Lose Weight

  1. Your mindset sucks (you’re “trying” again. Screw that, just effing do it!) Ok, so maybe it really isn’t THAT simple. But it kinda is. How many times have you “tried” to lose the weight? You know, once and for all? Maybe you even lost a bunch of weight once (twice? 3 or 4… Continue reading 9 Reasons Women Don’t Lose Weight

7 Reasons Your Pre-Teen Should Strength Train

Can I be honest here? I think if one more parent says “my doctor said my kid shouldn’t lift weights until he/she is 14,” I’m going to be sick. Physically, violently ill. Your doctor is wrong. Well intentioned, but wrong. The good doctor is expressing a thought that, once upon a time, made sense. When… Continue reading 7 Reasons Your Pre-Teen Should Strength Train