Podcast: Know Stuff, Episode 3: The Rotator Cuff

Just about everyone has heard of the rotator cuff. But what do you really know about it? Maybe you’re an expert on rotator cuff anatomy, function, dysfunction, recovery and injury prevention. Congratulations, you’re a rarity! For the rest of us, I take a look today at our rotator cuffs. What is the rotator cuff? What… Continue reading Podcast: Know Stuff, Episode 3: The Rotator Cuff

Lessons on Shoulder Stability & Strength

This hand has a quick lesson to teach about shoulder strength and stability. Gray Cook and others have researched and written about the relationship between gripping, grip strength and activation of important neuro-muscular activation pathways to and through the gleno-humeral complex. A few weeks ago, I injured my left ring finger tossing a KB around.… Continue reading Lessons on Shoulder Stability & Strength