Achievement and Attachment

One of the most difficult life lessons to learn is that emotional attachment to your desired outcomes, objectives and goals is a double-edged sword. Yes, emotional energy gives life to your objectives and goals. Be passionate and excited about what you want to see manifested in the world! But understand that the process matters, the… Continue reading Achievement and Attachment


Podcast: Friday Happy Hour with David Jack

My guest today is the inimitable David Jack, “International Man of Mystery!” When people ask “what does David Jack do?” the answer is often “he’s David Jack!” In truth, however, David is a deep pool of fitness knowledge. His impact, though, is delivered through his intuition, experience, love, passion and willingness to go where many… Continue reading Podcast: Friday Happy Hour with David Jack

Are your Facebook friends hurting you?

Social media sites often present users with social exclusion information that may actually inhibit intelligent thought, according to the co-author of a University at Buffalo study that takes a critical look not just at Facebook and other similar platforms, but at the peculiarities of the systems on which these sites operate. The short-term effects of… Continue reading Are your Facebook friends hurting you?

Thank You EFPS 2018!

So grateful, blessed and honored to have been a part of the best Elite Fitness & Performance Summit yet! Thank you to Nick, Ryan and the team at FR Nation for having me as a presenter. It was great to see so many people I love, honor & respect. This really was like a big… Continue reading Thank You EFPS 2018!

Fear, Anxiety, Insecurities and Original Sin

Appearing on video for content production has been one of my personal insecurities. As one of my business tag lines says “I’m not your average pretty trainer.” Since video content is one of the things I want to expand into, I figured I’d better get to figuring it out and overcoming that insecurity. On my… Continue reading Fear, Anxiety, Insecurities and Original Sin

Surfing, Fitness, Culture, Spirit

My wife, MaryJo and I are here in Orlando for the last night of a 5 day trip. We came down to attend the wedding of a very good friend. The wedding was wonderful and our friend and his beautiful new bride are now enjoying themselves in Italy! We took advantage of our time here… Continue reading Surfing, Fitness, Culture, Spirit