Metabolic Dysfunction And Chronic Disease

Modern Western medicine has gotten very good at treatments that are reactive. Dealing with broken bones, the flu and other viruses and even asthma and heart attacks is the basis of that practice. But what do we really know about chronic illnesses like heart disease, cancer and diabetes?

COVID-19 Coronavirus Causing Unprecedented Mental And Emotional Trauma Worldwide

COVID-19 coronavirus infections and deaths worldwide have left serious and lasting damage in their wake. But one aspect of that damage may far outlast the pandemic. Millions around the globe are suffering debilitating psychological disorders that may last for many years to come.

Help Your Kids Cope With The COVID-19 Coronavirus Pandemic

The novel coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 which causes COVID-19 has taken over the news. For adults, the news is frightening. For children, it can be terrifying and may leave real scars. Parents can ease kids’ fears and help them cope with this pandemic, if they have the tools.

Ducks, Rows And Drunk Squirrels

Have you ever felt like this? Of course you have! Every one of us has had moments, days, even lifetimes that feel this way. Life in our modern, high-speed, hyper-connected, 24/7 world can shake your foundations, bust your rows and scatter your proverbial ducks. It can leave you feeling like your nice, organized ducks have… Continue reading Ducks, Rows And Drunk Squirrels

High Level E-Sport Gamers Stress Like Pro Athletes

Top-level e-sports gamers are athletes, too! Or at least, they apparently feel the same levels of stress and pressure as pro athletes when competing in top-flight tournaments. Performance anxiety, communication tangles and even “brain farts” are common among these competitors under the stress of tournament play. University of Chichester researchers looked into the psychological challenges… Continue reading High Level E-Sport Gamers Stress Like Pro Athletes

Another Reason To Start!

If you know me well, you know this has been the most challenging year of my entire life. Physically, emotionally, intellectually and spiritually. All 4 pillars of my fitness and health have been under fire. To be honest, it’s nearly broken me more than once. But each time I get frozen by fear, paralyzed by… Continue reading Another Reason To Start!

Science Gives Us An Insight Into How Stress Weakens The Body’s System

New research out of the University of Massachusetts Medical School sheds light on how our stress responses, especially the “fight-or-flight” response, may be harming our health over the long term. Specifically, Dr. Mark Alkema, professor of neurobiology, and his crew have been investigating the way in which the dynamic regulation of a stress neurohormone modulates… Continue reading Science Gives Us An Insight Into How Stress Weakens The Body’s System

Worrying Won’t Add to Your Life

Worry. Fear. Anxiety. We all experience these emotions. We all know how they feel. But do you really understand how much of your life they steal? No amount of worry or stress ever changed anything. They steal the energy with which you might otherwise be building a great life for yourself and those you love!… Continue reading Worrying Won’t Add to Your Life

Accountability or Unnecessary Confrontation for Youth Athletes?

Accountability. The word, and the concept, get thrown around so much, it’s become a cliche. But are we using accountability with youth athletes more like a blunt object than a sharpened tool to sculpt success? Much has been said and written about the value of accountability in training and sports. So much, in fact, that… Continue reading Accountability or Unnecessary Confrontation for Youth Athletes?