Don’t Give Up!

We’re three weeks into a new year and a new decade! It’s an exciting time, to be sure. How are those resolutions doing? Are your changes “sticking,” or are they slipping away? Are they likely to become long-term and sustainable or have they disappeared like mist? I’m asking because this is “crunch week!” Only about… Continue reading Don’t Give Up!

The First Step In Learning From Failure

All the things you hear about learning from failure are true. It can make you better and lead to success later on! Maybe. IF, and only if you own your failures. Completely. Without reservation. Own them, analyze them and see where YOU can get better, do better, lead batter. Blaming a lack of resources, random… Continue reading The First Step In Learning From Failure

What Truly Matters

If you were staring death in the face, what would really matter to you? If the end of your life was imminent, would you regret your mistakes and failures? Or would your bigger regrets be about the things you didn’t do because of fear – of failure or anything else? Take a moment and imagine… Continue reading What Truly Matters

The Factors That Predict Success

Grit. Is it really that “intangible” quality that you’re either born with or stuck without? Analysis of data from over 11,000 West Point cadets strengthens earlier theories regarding the nature of grit, but also point to other attributes that are key to long-term success and achievement. When you’re Angela Duckworth, you get asked about what… Continue reading The Factors That Predict Success

Success Skills Everyone Can Use Right Now

For athletes trying to master their position and dominate opponents. For students who want to crush their grades and make the most of their educational opportunities. Here’s a list of unbeatable success skills you ALREADY POSSESS! For all of us who just want to get better, get ahead, do the right thing and win at… Continue reading Success Skills Everyone Can Use Right Now

Walk Boldly In Faith!

Walk boldly in faith! When your vision for your life is in line with God’s word and His ways, you cannot fail! He will place the people, resources and opportunities in your path to help ensure your victory! Serve others with joy! Believe in yourself and your goals and dreams! Keep faith with God’s plan!… Continue reading Walk Boldly In Faith!

If Success Matters…

Some things I’ve learned about success. Or maybe some things I have to constantly remind myself of. Every success I have seems to have these elements sewn into it. Discipline keeps me pushing through when life weakens me. Consistency keeps me working strong and steady. Being nice to people means having more support, more resources… Continue reading If Success Matters…