Possible Link Between Prediabetes And Poor Brain Health: Study

Brain health matters. We’ve learned much about the interactions between physical health and the health of the brain. Now, a new study found links between prediabetes, common among Western nations, and declining brain health. We might want to pay attention.

Factor Regulating Fat Metabolism In Muscle Discovered

When it comes to regulating glucose levels in the body, skeletal muscle plays a key role. With obesity, Type 2 diabetes and other metabolic diseases exploding in the US, understanding how this works might be a game-changer. Now a key factor in fat metabolism has been identified.

Metabolic Dysfunction And Chronic Disease

Modern Western medicine has gotten very good at treatments that are reactive. Dealing with broken bones, the flu and other viruses and even asthma and heart attacks is the basis of that practice. But what do we really know about chronic illnesses like heart disease, cancer and diabetes?

Is Obesity Killing You Faster?

Obesity puts you at risk for a variety of life-altering or life-threatening conditions and diseases. These include cardiovascular disease, cancer, type 2 diabetes, Alzheimer’s disease, decreased cognition and a weak immune system. These are all common “side effects” of aging, too. Is obesity just accelerated or premature aging?

A Short Guide to Higher Heart Disease Risk For Women

Ask just about any woman if she’d like a higher risk of heart disease and you can predict the answer. Of course not, who would? Quite a few women, if their behavior is any indication. Here is a very short guide to getting a sicker heart for women.

A Formula For Making Fat Preschoolers

Obesity – especially childhood obesity – is a hot topic in America. For many parents, it is a horrifying specter haunting their children as they grow. While many dietary plans may help them grow healthy, lean and strong, there’s one surefire way to make sure they become obese.

Beat Obesity and Diabetes With Avocados: Study

Your guacamole may hold the key to managing obesity and helping delay or prevent diabetes, according to a new study by a University of Guelph research team. For the first time, researchers led by Prof. Paul Spagnuolo have shown how a compound found only in avocados can inhibit cellular processes that normally lead to diabetes.… Continue reading Beat Obesity and Diabetes With Avocados: Study

New Research Says Red, Processed Meat Poses No Health Threat

TRIGGER ALERT! Just a warning to all my readers who are plant-based dieters, vegans, vegetarians and avoiders of red meat. If you’re trying to save the world or those of us who live in it by promoting plant-based eating or you just like crusading against meat for whatever reason, this article may not be for… Continue reading New Research Says Red, Processed Meat Poses No Health Threat

Want To Screw Up Your Fat Metabolism? Sleep Like An American

In a fascinating study by researchers at Pennsylvania State University, sleep restriction was once again shown to have remarkably negative affect on humans. In this case, only a few days of sleep restriction affected how full participants felt after eating, along with altering fat metabolism. A full night of recovery sleep wasn’t enough to reverse… Continue reading Want To Screw Up Your Fat Metabolism? Sleep Like An American

Keto Dieters Should Skip the Cheat Day

The ketogenic diet is both popular and controversial. It’s proponents and those following it swear it provides a myriad of benefits. The claims include easy weight loss, improved joint health, better energy, better mood and even improved brain function and cognition. Detractors point to the very high levels of fat intake required to pursue the… Continue reading Keto Dieters Should Skip the Cheat Day